Inclusive Business & Private Sector Development

GlobalCAD understands inclusive business as an economic activity that benefits low-income communities, taking into account the economic, environmental and social dimensions of the business model.

Inclusive business models engage people residing at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) to create economic opportunities and improve living standards for all stakeholders concerned.

Despite relevant players in this field having invested considerable effort into creating such models, relatively few have gained significant scale so far.

SMEs are an excellent driver for economic development and wealth distribution; their flexibility and capacity to innovate, offer significant potential for contributing with lasting solutions to the key challenges of development.

Nevertheless, SMEs face many limitations due to their size and lack of management expertise. Amongst the main drawbacks are: restricted access to funds, limited human resources (often lacking in specialized training), low penetration of international markets and inexperienced when exporting, and poor productivity and capacity to manage.

GlobalCAD is committed to promoting innovation as a transformational element of inclusive business models and private sector development. The purpose of doing this is to help create new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for low-income communities, involving them in the business model design, as well as in the value chain as producers, distributors, customers and strategic partners.

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GlobalCAD Services Promoting Inclusive Business & Private Sector Development

Service Nº1

SME Acceleration Program

An acceleration strategy for SMEs applicable throughout their productive life cycle that encourages the generation of added value in the bottom line (economic, social and environmental).

Service Nº2

Innovation & technology upgrade process

Analysis and identification of the most relevant green technologies to improve the efficiency of SMEs and their productivity level as well as their environmental and social impact.

Service Nº3

Promotion of entrepreneurship and inclusive business at the Base of the Pyramid

Designing business models that create new opportunities for entrepreneurs working with low-income communities to help them throughout the business cycle to accelerate and up-scale the impact they are having.

Service Nº4

Capacity building & knowledge transfer

Training and capability building processes to coach entrepreneurs and SME managers in leadership skills and innovation.

Service Nº5

Access to financial services

GlobalCAD offers non- financial services to the microfinance sector, including research, training, product and business model development adapted to vulnerable communities and low-income populations.

Service Nº6

Knowledge Platforms

Development of online platforms to capture information and promote the generation, exchange and transfer of knowledge regarding inclusive business and SME development.

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