Green Economy

Green Economy has become a globally trending policy topic over recent years.

According to the UN Environment Programme definition, Green Economy refers to an economic model that “results in improved human well-being and social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities”. It emphasizes conserving, enhancing, and restoring natural resources, which are crucial for thriving ecosystems, economic prosperity, and societal well-being, especially for people whose livelihoods and overall well-being strongly depend on the health of the natural environment.

Income and employment are driven by public and private investments that foster innovation; reduce carbon emissions and pollution; enhance energy and resource efficiency; and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The Green Economy must be inclusive, especially when it comes to job creation and skills development, in order to lift people out of poverty and build greater social cohesion (Just Transition).

Only if Green Growth is human-centred and accounts for concepts such as equality, access, and pro-poor growth, may it become a relevant model for developing countries.

GlobalCAD supports the transition to a green economy through the development of models tailored to each country’s respective political, economic and social realities. This transition integrates strong political commitment and aims for long-term societal transformation towards a greener and more inclusive development.

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Climate change

Climate change is increasingly affecting all sectors and areas of society. However, governments and other stakeholders still often lack knowledge and the capacity to implement adaptation measures and to increase resilience to the changing climate and related extreme weather events.

GlobalCAD supports governments, international organizations and the private sector in developing data-driven adaptation strategies. Together with its partners, GlobalCAD also provides climate risk and vulnerability assessments for different sectors and infrastructure projects across various spatial levels (e.g., regional, national, local). These assessments serve as a basis to take timely and effective action to protect livelihoods and assets from the impacts of climate change.


GlobalCAD advises governments, international organizations, and other actors in matters of Green Economy and Climate Change. Services include:

Green Economy and Climate Change Mitigation:

 Development of baseline and benchmarking studies to support countries or sectors in developing green economy and climate change strategies.

Mainstreaming of green economy and climate change into development planning and sectors’ policies.

Development of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Development of feasibility studies, market assessment and policy analysis to support implementation.

Development of green economy and climate change roadmaps and action plans, including selection and prioritization of projects, cost-benefit analysis, and multi-criteria analysis.

Climate Change Adaptation:

Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments for specific sectors and infrastructure types on various spatial levels).

Support in the development and mainstreaming of climate change adaptation strategies and plans (on national and subnational level).

Our services in the area of Green Economy and Climate Change are complimented by cross-cutting activities implemented in line with GlobalCAD’s other areas of expertise.


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