Green Economy & Climate Change

Green Growth and Green Economy have become global trending policy topics over recent years. According to the UN Environment Programme definition, Green Economy refers to an economic model that “results in improved human well-being and social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities”. It puts forward a development path that should maintain, enhance and, where necessary, rebuild natural capital as a critical economic asset and source of public benefits, especially for poor people whose livelihoods and security largely depend on nature.

It is an economy whose growth, in terms of income and employment, is driven by public and private investments that foster innovation, committed to reducing carbon emissions and pollutions, enhancing energy and resource efficiency, and preventing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rios+20), held in 2012, confirmed and endorsed the concept of a Green Economy as a path for fostering economic growth and development while preserving natural assets. Growth has to be inclusive, especially in the form of job creation and skills development, in order to lift people out of poverty and build greater social cohesion. Only if Green Growth is human-centred and takes concepts such as equality, access and pro-poor growth into account, it may become a relevant model for developing countries.

Greening the economy in an inclusive manner calls for models adapted to each country context, based on their specific political, economic and social realities, integrating strong political commitment, with long-term societal transformation towards a greener and more inclusive development.

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GlobalCAD advises governments, international organizations, and other actors in the area of Green Economy and Climate Change. Our services include the development of Green Diagnostics, Green Strategies and Actions, Partnerships and Communication and Knowledge, where we support different actors to:

 Development of baseline and benchmarking studies to support countries or sectors in developing green economy and climate change strategies

 Mainstreaming of green economy and climate change into development planning and sectors’ policies

 Climate Change Assessments: Energy and emission profile and vulnerability analysis

 Development of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

 Development of feasibility studies, market assessment and policy analysis to support implementation

 Development of green economy and climate change roadmaps and action plans, including selection and prioritization of projects applying cost-benefit analysis and multi-criteria analysis

Our services in the area of Green Economy and Climate Change are complimented by cross-cutting activities implemented in line with GlobalCAD’s other areas of expertise.


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