Green job opportunities: Burkina Faso

In the heart of the Sahel, Burkina Faso pulsates with resilience, grappling with environmental challenges while nurturing aspirations of a green future. Yet, amid the arid landscapes, women navigate intricate webs of barriers, hindering their strides towards economic empowerment.

Our newest technical brief, “Gender-sensitive Income Generation and Green Job Creation Opportunities in Burkina Faso’s Green Transition,” delves into the challenges and opportunities women face in accessing green jobs within the Great Green Wall initiative. Conducted by GlobalCAD and led by UN Women and UNCCD, this research sheds light on the limited strategic involvement of women in the initiative, particularly in leadership roles.

In Burkina Faso’s tapestry of development, agriculture, forestry, energy, and waste management emerge as fertile ground for green job initiatives. However, entrenched barriers—from limited access to education and finance to gender-based violence—cast shadows over women’s aspirations.

Armed with insights from our brief, policymakers can steer policy development and mobilize resources for a more inclusive green transition in Burkina Faso. Policies must be developed with a focus on gender responsiveness to achieve this. Our research highlights the crucial need to prioritize women in driving the shift towards sustainability, breaking down obstacles, and promoting growth that includes everyone.

Geisel García Graña
Geisel García Graña
Geisel is Communication & Ecosystem Manager for GlobalCAD and a consultant in communication and sustainable cities. She has a PhD. in Communication Sciences by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. @geiselgg