EcologyHub Ebre kicks off the acceleration of 15 entrepreneurship projects for ecological transition

Photo: Agostina Zanuso (Fundación Ensurecer)

Terre de l’Ebre and Tarragona are expected to become hubs of green, ecological and circular innovation entrepreneurship, thanks to the professional and entrepreneurial acceleration programme Ecologyhub Ebre.

In the frame of this project, more than 30 participants from different parts of the world gathered for the accelerated development of their business models committed to environmental sustainability, circular economy and agro-ecological transition.

Mary Grace Gasco, CEO and founder of SpaceCropTechnologies, is one of the participants of this workshop. She accelerates a business that provides farmers with a forecast of soil water requirements, using data satellites connected through AI/machine learning applications. As a result, water use in farms gets more sustainable.

After three years as an entrepreneur, Mary Grace comments that Ecologyhub Ebre has not been just another acceleration programme. On the contrary, she highlights the value of the personalized consultancy of this initiative as well the high volume of hours of practical and team workshops with high-level trainers who give feedback in real-time.

SpaceCrop Technologies is one of 20 companies using digital and physical technologies to contribute to the agroecological transition, by producing new forms of sustainable food. Ecologyhub Ebre seeks the scalability of projects like this one, as they show a great potential to contribute to the transition from the current agro-industrial model to a new one, based on the efficient use of natural resources, and scarcity and social injustice reduction in the adaptation to climate change.

This session was the first of six. It will make Mary Grace and other participants strengthen their capacities in topics like green and circular entrepreneurship; systemic and regenerative innovation; clean, open, and cutting-edge decentralized technologies; and active and specialized repopulation.

Pandora Hub Association, the Ensurecer Foundation and Fàbrica Transició implement the first programme of the EcologyHub Ebre with the financial support of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The objective is to put into practice ecological and socio-economic regeneration opportunities and drive industrial transition in less populated regions of Catalonia.

Agostina Zanuso
Agostina Zanuso
Agostina is an Administrative Manager. She is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Social Policies and Community Action at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.