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Ecologyhub Ebre is a professional and entrepreneurial acceleration program aiming to turn Terre de l’Ebre and Tarragona into a HUB of green, ecological and circular innovation entrepreneurship. These areas, which are part of the depopulated rural areas of Catalonia, are the territory indicated to implement ecological and socio-economic regeneration opportunities and drive industrial transition in the region under the futuristic SolarPunk vision.

Hence, what is SolarPunk vision? According to the movement SolarpunkAnarchists, it is “an eco-futurist movement which tries to think our way catastrophe by imagining a future most people would actually like to live in, instead of ones we should be trying to avoid”.

In this context, the Ensurecer Foundation supports the implementation of the project from the Operational Project Management side. This is a long-term project that is expected to end in 2025.

The Pandora Hub Association, the Ensurecer Foundation and Fàbrica Transició won a grant from the Generalitat de Catalunya to finance the implementation of the first program of the EcologyHub Ebre. It will take place in a network of municipalities with three main characteristics:

1.         They are rural villages with less than five thousand inhabitants and/or micro-villages.

2.         Threatened by depopulation and the ageing of the population.

3.         Eager to return, attract and consolidate talent and entrepreneurship in the territory.

4.         They seek to consolidate in their territories enterprises that will become centres of attraction to promote the repopulation policy.

5.         They have municipal programmes related to energy sovereignty, land regeneration, and biodiversity, among others.

6.         They have policies aimed at the diversification of economic sectors according to endogenous resources and capacities.

7.         They are located up to 100km from the Ebro River.

During six weekends a course of six modules will be held incorporating the four essential components of the acceleration programme: green and circular entrepreneurship; systemic and regenerative innovation; clean, open, and cutting-edge decentralized technologies (hardware and software); and active and specialized repopulation.

This program is aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs working in the green and futuristic area.

Anna Maria Franco Gantiva
Anna Maria Franco Gantiva
Anna María Franco Gantiva is consultant at GlobalCAD since December 2021 as part of the green economy and climate change team.