The First Semester of 2022: Getting Back to the Basics

As the years keep passing, GlobalCAD continues evolving and working for a more sustainable future.

In the first semester of the year, GlobalCAD has been able to accomplish a great number of things, especially after the team was able to come back to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The firm closes the first semester with four official contract awards with some of our historic partners: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG), UNICEF, and World Resources Institute (WRI).

With GGGI, the main objective of the project is to strengthen the green business ecosystem in Colombia by supporting future entrepreneurs who may impact their territories. To that end, GlobalCAD has been assigned to design a 10-hour open online course with all the information needed to help the Colombian entrepreneurs reach their sustainable goals.

UCLG, on the other hand, reached out to GlobalCAD to support the Town Hall process, where civil society dialogue with local and regional governments in order to build more sustainable and inclusive cities. GlobalCAD is also providing support in the coordination of the writing of five Policy Papers, led by civil society organizations, aiming at inform urban policy around the world. In the frame of this project, a CADProductions team visited the city of Palu, in Indonesia, to document the role of decentralized cooperation in disasters response and mitigation in this city. The resulting documentary will be part of a communication strategy around the 7th UCLG World Congress, also supported by GlobalCAD.

The main objective of this UNICEF’s assignment for GlobalCAD  is to conduct a diagnostic of the business sector in Malawi, examining the degree to which the business sector is a key stakeholder in addressing child deprivations. In this context, GlobalCAD, jointly with Kadale Consultants, are leading the consultancy and aid efficiency evaluation, with the aim of assessing the role businesses play in providing essential services.

And lastly, for the World Resources Institute, GlobalCAD has continued the expert review process to assess partnerships scaling to deliver on the SDGs and the Paris Climate. A first edition of this project Partnerships 4 Good (P4G) project took place in 2019, and after its success, GlobalCAD and The Partnering Initiative teamed up again this year to continue working on their objectives.

From Colombia to Malawi, from inclusive business to communication services, GlobalCAD has made sure to leave their footprint in different parts of the world with their diverse selection of services available.

The firm has also been able to close over seven projects, like for example, Provision of services for the development IAIP documentary, video, and photo products and UNICEF- Private Sector Mapping in 06 Countries of West & Central African Region. And as the firm has worked on some of the projects its been assigned to over the years, GlobalCAD also been able to continue in their different phases and stages with contract extensions or continuations of the mission to accomplish. Some of the projects its been able to retake this year were about topics like climate change and immigration.

In one of the projects, GlobalCAD’s objective is to aid the Union for the Mediterranean with the implementation of the ongoing environment and blue economy agenda. With this project, GlobalCAD consolidates itself as the advisor of the Mediterranean Environmental Policy.

On the other hand, GlobalCAD is supporting the online information platform Startfinder, which offers information for people interested in returning to their home countries. It provides services of counseling, return promotion, and in particular, reintegration opportunities in the countries or origin. With GIZ, the organization working on the platform, GlobalCAD will be able to plan and coordinate the different participants involved in the project.

GlobalCAD has been able to achieve and participate in other activities. For example, two of the team’s members were able to head to Amsterdam to represent the company in a workshop of Fashion for Good. The firm was also able to host audiovisual training workshops to young adults that are part of the “Joves Referents” program, in hopes of inspiring them to create new narratives in their stories. GlobalCAD’s Director, Fernando Casado, also managed to give the online webinar “Opening up the Inclusive Business Treasure Chest”, where people from different parts of the world were able to participate.

The real question is, where would GlobalCAD be without its talented team? Nowhere. This is why they made sure to take the time for an internal retreat to talk about our present and future. And along the way, three new members who have been a great addition were integrated to the team, expanding the GlobalCAD family.

Now, as the second semester of the year approaches, the team in GlobalCAD is excited to continue working together, in hopes of achieving much, much more.

Amanda Ortiz
Amanda Ortiz
Amanda is a Communications Intern for GlobalCAD.