The Citizen Initiative Bogotá Cómo Vamos

The citizen initiative “Bogotá Cómo Vamos” was created to monitor public policies and quality of life in Bogota.

It seeks to promote an effective and transparent government, a better informed and participative citizenry and a network around the topic of urban living quality. Its main activities are the development of reports on the quality of life of city dwellers and Citizen Perception surveys. 

The program, which has expanded in different parts of Colombia (like Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, etc.) has achieved a series of results. It’s been going for over 16 years, it counts with more than 50 publications on the quality of urban life, and has managed to train hundreds of social leaders around Bogotá. The initiative has been so successful, it’s been implemented in other countries of Latin America like Brazil, Bolivia, Perú, Argentina, Colombia, México, Uruguay, Ecuador and Paraguay.

When establishing the city monitoring programs it is key to:

1) Invest in getting information at the local level (usually this kind of information is lacking)

2) Establish uniform and aligned indicators to be able to compare cities

3) Promote continuos learning and knowledge exchange.

This is another initiative documented by Towards the Human City.

Amanda Ortiz
Amanda Ortiz
Amanda is a Communications Intern for GlobalCAD.