Educate Me: Ensuring education for every child in Egypt

According to UNICEF, one out of every five children don’t have access to quality education, due to factors like poverty and discrimination.

Without education, it is almost impossible to break the cycles of poverty, gender inequality and social injustice that are still present in many countries, and affect children of all ages.

In hopes of address these inequalities, the initiative ‘Educate Me’ is born.

Educate Me is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the objective of reinstating underprivileged children in Egypt back to school. Its unique and integrated educational model seeks to meet their real needs and change the education model in the region.

It is designed from a community action perspective, since the staff are members of the local district, thus involving the entire community in the initiative and managing to bring the children back to school.

The project has impacted over 1,500 children, and trained over 2,600 teachers. These achievements helped them become a certified community school in Egypt back in 2015.

If there is anything the creators of the project have learned, is that any structural change for a long-term in a society has to come from education.

And we at GlobalCAD completely agree. On the occasion of the Child Day in Spain, we want to share this initiative documented by Towards the Human City and produced by CADProductions.

Amanda Ortiz
Amanda Ortiz
Amanda is a Communications Intern for GlobalCAD.