Training Bahraini students for the SDGs and the Agenda 2030

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The Agenda 2030, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) embedded in it, rally humanity’s efforts to foster prosperity while nurturing our planet. Yet, to transform our world the global community requires concerted action on all fronts. And this must necessarily include academia and education institutions, who play a key role in disseminating and promoting knowledge while reinforcing capacities to best implement the Agenda 2030 and its Goals.

The University of Bahrain (UoB) is among those education institutions striving to step up their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs. To make UoB a beacon for sustainable development in Bahrain and beyond, UNDP has forged a partnership with the institution to lead SDG-aligned learning in the country. Now, GlobalCAD has been awarded by UNDP the brilliant opportunity to devise and implement a series of university-level courses on the SDGs and the Agenda 2030.

This assignment takes to the next level UoB’s efforts to become a leading centre for sustainability, feeding on the success of the PhD program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD). In this way, UoB continues to spearhead the advancement of sustainable development in Bahrain, positioning the small island nation as a powerful actor for the sake of Agenda 2030.

In fact, GlobalCAD already supported the UNDP-UoB partnership by developing another 4-month course enclosed within this PhD during 2019-2020. GlobalCAD’s training modules were here focused on the environmental aspects of the SDGs. Therefore, GlobalCAD is now poised to successfully continue to deliver value for UoB in this new endeavour.

This time, the project hinges on a 3-tier program of SDG courses as preliminary training to the PhD. Tier 1 focuses on the fundamentals of the SDGs, Tier 2 tackles intermediary SDGs and Tier 3 provides advanced theory and practice, as well as implementation analysis of the SDGs. Furthermore, the facilitation of a Training of Trainers (ToTs) workshop to enhance the UoB staff capacities to deliver SDGs courses is also envisaged.

GlobalCAD holds a wealth of experience in the SDGs and their predecessors (the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs) as well as the Agenda 2030. Past engagements have specifically included tailored training and capacity building in these fields. Even more relevantly, GlobalCAD has already worked with UoB in crafting and delivering another set of academic materials for the SDGs. As such, GlobalCAD remains fully committed to advancing the Agenda 2030 throughout its operations and the projects it implements for its clients across the world.

Jorge Alarcón
Jorge Alarcón
Jorge joined GlobalCAD through the ICEX Scholarship Programme on Business Internationalisation and works as a technical and research assistant.