The Green-Light initiative: an example of

According to the United Nations, due to the increase in global greenhouse gas emissions, every three seconds, the world loses an area of forest equivalent to a football pitch and just in the last century, we have destroyed half of our wetlands. At the same time, our current situation has also shown us the need to preserve our ecosystems. The reduction of those areas of natural habitat for animals has led to the creation of conditions that contribute to the spread of pathogens, including coronaviruses.

This loss of ecosystems results in the progressive disappearance of sources of carbon, such as forests and peatlands, among others. In order to raise awareness and to call for action on the need to respond to these challenges, the World Environment Day aims to rebuild ecosystems through the “Re-imagining, re-creating and restoring” approach.

Drawing on this 3R’s perspective, CAD Productions documented the GreenLight-Year initiative in the framework of the project Towards the Human City in Shanghai, China. This one promotes a sustainable, low-carbon urban lifestyle in every neighbourhood.

This initiative is one of the many inspiring ones implemented in cities around the world to create more inclusive and sustainable cities.

Ivana Ivorra
Ivana Ivorra
Ivana is a technical and research assistant at GlobalCAD, specialized in communication projects.