The Green Lungs of Guyana

In making forests more valuable, REDD+ makes it possible to protect natural forests while fostering sustainable development and contributes to equitable development by strengthening the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities, safeguarding the home of many.

The video “The Green Lungs of Guyana”, was filmed by CAD Productions under the framework of the project Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement on REDD+ & Readiness Activities in Guyana, and it was translated to 4 indigenous languages (Macushi, Akawaio, Wapishana y Patamuna). It showcases three stories of success that demonstrate that it is possible to obtain livelihoods from the forest in a sustainable way. Through experiences of sustainable farming, sustainable tourism practices and monitoring mechanisms, Guyana is at the forefront of the move toward an international REDD+ programme.