Publications Catalogue

GlobalCAD’s mission is to promote more inclusive and sustainable societies by generating knowledge and innovative solutions that generate social impact.

For the past 14 years, GlobalCAD ​​has been working to spread this knowledge in the form of books, articles, reports, manuals, and audiovisual pieces. Each of these products is the result of a collaborative process between our team, our clients and partners and has helped shape the GlobalCAD ​​approach to promoting inclusive and sustainable development.

This year, reflecting on more than a decade of work, we decided to put all our publications in a Catalog, a document that would add all the knowledge products that we have produced or to which we have contributed.

While the Catalog would initially help us track our work, we soon realized that it would also be a useful resource for our community, as it brings together more than 40 publications and refers to more than 200 audiovisual products that can help to inform, inspire and educate those who are also working to create social impact.

We invite you to browse through our Catalog of publications and learn more about our work.

Fernando Casado
Fernando Casado
Fernando is the founder and director of CAD bringing together 20 years’ experience working with international organizations in the development field. He is a PhD economist and journalist specialized in projects related to economic and sustainable development. @Fernando_Casado