Managing Your Organisation Successfully During COVID-19

A practical, collaborative and organic approach to help small and medium businesses, organisations and NGOs survive the COVID-19 crisis

The world as we know it has changed. In a matter of weeks we went from living our normal lives to being confined to our houses, isolated from our friends and family. Beyond the impact of COVID-19 on us as individuals, the measures being imposed to stop the spread of the virus have taken a huge toll on our economic activity.

This document is our humble way to try and contribute to small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations and NGOs who are facing an unprecedented change to their core activities. We offer our expertise in consulting services and will put our methodologies to use to assist those initiatives not only to survive the crisis, but to learn from it and adapt, hopefully getting to the other side having established more sustainable and resilient practices.

Adapting your organisation during COVID-19

We want to help. We propose to do it by applying the tools and methodologies we have used in dozens of projects and by using our experience leading remote teams and client relationships to support small businesses that lack such expertise. Here’s what we can offer:

Follow our methodology to successfully manage the crisis:

1. Download the GlobalCAD Managing Your Organisation Successfully During COVID-19 manual, and get guidelines and tools to help you manage your organisation during the crisis.

2. Complete the online survey, a self-assessment tool that will help you identify your organisation’s particular challenges and assets.

3. Get expert help from GlobalCAD. After completing the survey, e-mail us at  for a pro-bono online mentorship with our experts.

These are tough times, but we are convinced together we can get through this. Let us know if you need our help.