Implementing Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programmes: A Handbook for Practitioners

High rates of unemployment faced by young people worldwide are a main concern for local and national authorities alike. Despite a recent reduction in the number of unemployed youth from 76.7 million in 2008 to 70.9 million in 2017, the current 13.7% unemployment rate is still worrying. That, together with a forecast of an important growth in the number of young population in coming decades make the case for supporting not only capacity building and adequate training, but also youth entrepreneurship as a way to address this economic and social issue.

However, as young entrepreneurs set off to start their own business, they face a variety of challenges – such as lack of work experience, limited access to financial resources and limited networks. Youth entrepreneurship support programmes and tools can help them develop the confidence and the technical skills to succeed.

In this context, the Youth Business International (YBI), in collaboration with GlobalCAD, has commissioned a publication to share best practices and practical tools that will help youth entrepreneurship practitioners to succeed. Not only does it aim at advising practitioners on what to consider when developing youth entrepreneurship programmes, but it also provides practical lessons from the YBI network – particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean. The handbook covers a variety of areas, from Mentoring and Training to Access to Finance and Business Support.

This publication has been supported by the IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the IDB group, through its partnership with YBI on the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Download the handbook: