Design of an indicator system to monitor the National Policy on Climate Change Adaptation of Costa Rica
Photo credit: Wha’ppen on / CC BY-SA

GlobalCAD has been commissioned by FIIAPP (International and Ibero-American Foundation for Public Administration and Policies) to support Costa Rica’s Climate Change Directorate in designing an indicator system that facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of the country´s National Climate Change Adaptation Policy.

The purpose of this system is to facilitate the timely monitoring of the progress achieved through the National Climate Change Adaptation Policy and the measurement of its effectiveness and the improvements in management by the responsible institutions. Costa Rica´s National Evaluation Agenda foresees to evaluate the results of the policy in order to generate the necessary information to be accountable, to rationalise the resources allocated to the intervention and to take decisions to improve the management of the intervention.

The indicator system will be elaborated in line with international standard needs and in compliance with the SDGs and Costa Rica´s NDCs, taking into account that it needs to be integrated into the existing national climate change metrics system SINAMECC.

Since last year, Costa Rica has a National Policy on Climate Change Adaptation in place and the country is now ambitiously moving forward with the establishment of an indicator system to monitor and evaluate the progress of the policy implementation.

The country´s National Policy on Climate Change Adaptation provides a framework to guide public policy and investments. Its main objective is to provide Costa Rican society with the capacity and conditions to resist the consequences of climate change and capture opportunities to move towards a new model of development: decarbonized and resilient.

Nadine Kirchhartz
Nadine Kirchhartz
Nadine is a consultant at the GlobalCAD since 2012, specialized in projects related to environment and climate change. She is an expert in research and analysis, with experience in project evaluation.