CAD supports the strengthening of social entrepreneurship in Extremadura, Spain
Photo: Diseño Disruptivo Collective

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Government of Extremadura has commissioned GlobalCAD ​​to design and facilitate two MOOC courses on Social Entrepreneurship. In the framework of the project “Ecosistema transfronterizo para el fomento del emprendimiento y la economía social con impacto en la región EUROACE (EFES)”, the facilitation of the courses aims at promoting the creation and strengthening of social enterprises in the EUROACE territory, which includes the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Entrepreneurship is one of the emerging trends of the 21st century. It does not only generate a source of income and creates employment, but also allows developing new and innovative products or services while increasing activity along the value chain. Therefore, economic growth, job creation and innovation are three key drivers for business efforts. Social entrepreneurship is a specific type of entrepreneurship because not only focuses on starting a business, but the business itself has a social and/or environmental purpose. This social and/or environmental characteristic takes on special relevance in a region such as EUROACE, where 40% of the area corresponds to forest areas or natural spaces and it is home to approximately 6% of the peninsular population in Spain and Portugal.

With the aim of encouraging and helping social entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and at the same time provide them with the tools to make their businesses successful and sustainable, GlobalCAD will design and deliver two MOOC courses in social entrepreneurship. The first course will address how to create a social entrepreneurship project while the second one will guide on how to create and manage a social enterprise.

 Both courses will be designed and facilitated by a team of GlobalCAD trainers specialized in the fields of social entrepreneurship, environmental management and impact monitoring and evaluation. The courses will be delivered during the last quarter of this year through the training platform of the Dirección General de Empresa y Competitividad of the Government of Extremadura.

Julia Pérez
Julia Pérez
Julia is specialised in the promotion of inclusive business, entrepreneurship and SMEs Development. She works as a consultant in CAD providing support in the coordination, research and management of projects in inclusive business and SMEs Development and Entrepreneurship.