GlobalCAD creates knowledge on Climate Change adaptation in Jamaica
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GlobalCAD has accomplished a mission in Kingston in the scope of the development of a Climate Change Awareness Programme for Policy Makers & Government Ministries, Jamaica.

During the mission, consultants from CAD conducted bilateral interviews with key stakeholders as well as a stakeholder workshop. The objective was to ensure that the programme is effectively shaped to the Jamaican context and that it meets the needs of decision-makers in the country.

Moreover, CAD’s team met with the Project Executing Unit for the Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism to discuss and agree on the strategic approach and direction of the programme. The consultants presented the tasks undertaken during the inception phase, as well as the timeline and approach for the upcoming activities.

A stakeholder workshop was also held with various departments within the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, the Climate Change Focal Point Coordinator and two participants from the Planning Institute of Jamaica.  The workshop resulted in a precious discussion on the implementation of the National Climate Change Policy and the current climate change initiatives and projects. During the workshops, participants assessed gaps and identified the decision-makers who most require capacity strengthening.

The workshop shed light on the wide variety of initiatives now taking place in Jamaica; and the key players in the field of climate change and adaptation. This information helps the consultancy team to ensure that the planned workshops build on, synergise with and enhance existing initiatives and contribute to the Government’s climate change agenda.

The consultants conducted several in-person exploratory interviews with 14 officials and other relevant stakeholders. One of the main conclusions was that some ministries and agencies are leading many initiatives. It is therefore essential that the CCA programme supports and builds strategically and effectively on these existing initiatives and contributes to the Government’s climate change agenda.

It also became clear that the “how to” mainstream the Climate Change Awareness Programme is at least same critical as the technical knowledge on climate change ( and should, therefore, be given special attention. The buy-in of relevant stakeholders/ workshop participants is one of the main challenges. Continuous support from the PEU in this regard, therefore, is a key factor to the success of the Climate Change Awareness Programme.


The Climate Change Awareness Programme for Policy Makers & Government Ministries

GlobalCAD develops and implements a “Climate Change Awareness Programme for Policy Makers & Government Ministries”. This project is being implemented in the frame of a contract with the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC) in Jamaica.

The programme’s objective is to increase awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change and to build capacity for climate change mainstreaming into development planning in Jamaica.

Geisel García Graña
Geisel García Graña
Geisel is Communication & Ecosystem Manager for GlobalCAD and a consultant in communication and sustainable cities. She has a PhD. in Communication Sciences by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. @geiselgg