CAD collaborates with GIZ and AMEXCID in the development of partnerships building tools
Mapping stakeholders in the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico City

CAD works with the German Corporation for International Cooperation, GIZ, and the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development, AMEXCID, in the development of tools that facilitate the linkage and construction of partnerships in Mexico.

Synergistic work among organizations is increasingly present in human and inclusive development projects.

In the field of international cooperation for development, however, the logic of action and priorities of every player are usually different. To avoid these differences being an obstacle, more and more countries are creating their own cooperation strategies.

In addition, strategic thinking and knowledge of the entire organizational ecosystem are promoted among the officials of the sector in each country.

This favours the effective approach between development agendas beyond the influences that political systems, cultural idiosyncrasies and particular historical processes may have.

Aware of this, the GIZ, within the framework of the Institutional Strengthening Project of AMEXCID, has requested to CAD a Compendium of Cooperation Agencies with strategic information on the operation of other actors of the international cooperation system.

This will offer AMEXCID a punctual and clear reference framework for the actions of other countries as a basis for the building of new partnerships. The compendium also serves to identify good practices in the management, information, evaluation and training systems that serve the agency to put its own processes in perspective.

The countries whose efforts are being identified vary according to the relationship with AMEXCID. On the one hand, there are partner countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, the importance of other actors in the Latin American context is recognized, such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. Finally, Turkey, Thailand, China, India and Russia will also be studied as emerging countries.

Luis F. Cervantes
Luis F. Cervantes
Luis is Coordinator of CAD in Mexico & Senior Consultant. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of social projects and public policy programs. @luisfcgr