Ensurecer: New platform of specialization in culture, peace and development for professionals
Photo: Fanny Fourestier

Five training programmes on inclusive business, social documentaries and peacebuilding will be launched this spring by the Ensurecer Foundation. The courses will be aimed at entrepreneurs, audiovisual producers and professionals with a social vocation in general, interested in creating value and at the same time achieving a social impact.

The first of the training courses, on inclusive business, will offer tools and skills to develop companies capable of generating value in an equitable and inclusive manner. A second course, on the financing of social documentaries, will provide audiovisual producers with social impact with the access to resources to economically support their productions.

In addition, a new training course will be launched in strategic alliances for sustainable development, aimed at strengthening the capacity of participants to work in networks and achieve an impact in an interconnected world.Four more courses will be held in the new program of the Ensurecer Foundation in relation to processes of support for peace-building in countries affected by violent conflicts: Two international courses in processes of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of ex-combatants (DDR), as well as Socioeconomic Reintegration in Local Communities , in collaboration with the Folke Bernadotte Academy of the Government of Sweden and the Transition International organization. A third one will be offered in relation to the processes of Transitional Justice in collaboration with the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), and finally, a course on Local Governance and Peacebuilding, in collaboration with The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

The training courses will be carried out through different formats, face-to-face, online and blended-learning, and will be stitched together by a methodology consolidated by the trajectory of the Ensurecer Foundation. The courses also count on the experience developed over more than nine years by the International Center for Peace in Barcelona (CIPB), which has recently become part of the Foundation and, as a result, enhances the scope of action in the promotion of the culture of peace.

For more information, interested candidates can subscribe to the newsletter of the Ensurecer Foundation as well as the International Center for Peace of Barcelona.

The Ensurecer Foundation

Ensurecer promotes the change of mentalities and the strengthening of capacities to build a more human and sustainable development. Its methodology is based on three main strategies: on the one hand, to strengthen citizens’ solidarity and peace awareness and the capacities to implement change projects; secondly, to promote social entrepreneurship focused on inclusive businesses and sustainable income generation activities; and, finally, to support initiatives that foster cultural diversity and creativity applied to development goals.

The International Center for Peace of Barcelona (CIPB)

The Barcelona International Peace Center (BIPC) is an initiative aimed to promote the culture of peace through dialogue, awareness-raising, and training in crisis management and conflict resolution. Created in 2009 by the Barcelona City Council in the context of the historical recovery process of the Montjuïc Castle. In 2017, the Center becomes a fully independent non-profit initiative hosted by Ensurecer Foundation.