A CAD tool on capacity development is included on the GIZ Inclusive Business Toolbox

A capacity development tool designed by CAD has been included in the Green and Inclusive Business Toolbox: Promoting Green and Inclusive Business Models in Development Cooperation Programmes, published by GIZ.

The tool “Remote Strategic Advisory Services” helps identify and establish a relationship with companies that include people living at the economic base of the pyramid (BoP) in their value chain. The tool encourages potentially inclusive companies to engage with development cooperation.

The Remote Advisory Service for Inclusive Business allows analysing the inclusive business potential of a national company at a low cost. This is especially useful in countries where no private sector development programmes with inclusive business activities exist or a fragile context impedes international experts from working in the field.

The service consists of a set of tools that aim to identify key challenges along the value chain of the company and offer potential solutions.

The service was implemented for the first time between January and June 2017 in ten companies in the sector of fast moving consumer goods in Egypt in cooperation with the Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN).

In 2015 IBAN launched a baseline assessment of the FMCG sector in Egypt targeting the BoP. Based on the identified opportunities for inclusive business models, IBAN decided to develop capacity building and networking events for companies and other stakeholders in the ecosystem and launched a Global Practitioner Guide on IB in the FMCG sector with case studies worldwide.

The Remote Advisory Service identifies and supports national companies of any size and sector with growth potential regarding their IB model. It also assesses the company’s organisational fitness on working with the BoP, analyses the company’s value chain, identifies key challenges, offers potential solutions to overcome the challenges and supports the development of a partnership strategy for the company.

This tool aims to develop and improve inclusive business practices and BoP strategies for national companies in developing countries in order to take full advantage of the market potential of low-income communities and deliver long-term results.