GlobalCAD and IBAN extend their advisory programme on inclusive business for Egyptian companies

The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) and GlobalCAD have launched the second phase of the Strategic Advisory Services (SAS) Programme on Inclusive Business 2017 for Egyptian companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector.

The programme allows collaborating with Egyptian companies to develop and further improve their inclusive business and partnership strategy. Consultants from IBAN and GlobalCAD, with long-standing experience in the private sector and inclusive business, are providing personalized inclusive business support to a number of Egyptian companies over a three-month period.
In the framework of this programme, the companies’ organizational fitness working with the BoP will be assessed, as well as its value chain and challenges.

Potential solutions to overcome the challenges will also be offered, as well as support to the companies in developing a solid partnership strategy.

The SAS Methodological Mentoring Programme designed by GlobalCAD includes a company diagnosis via an online survey, a BoP fitness assessment and value chain analysis as well as an in-depth interview with each company. Results are summarized in an action plan, that includes a step-by-step implementation system and well-defined key performance indicators.

During the first phase, from January to July of this year, GlobalCAD and IBAN advised ten companies on their inclusive business strategy. Based on the high number of incoming applications for the first phase and the positive feedback, it was decided to continue the program and launch the second phase with five more companies (July to December 2017).

A networking event bringing together the companies from both phases of the SAS programme, stimulating a peer learning process is planned to finalize the circle of the Programme.