Evaluation Report: C&A Store Giving Programme

This evaluation report was produced by CAD on behalf of C&A Foundation. It presents the key findings, conclusions and recommendations regarding C&A’s Community/Store Giving Programme (SGP). The programme was established in 2006 and is active in 21 countries in Europe (including Turkey) where C&A operates retail stores.

The SGP is implemented by C&A and funded and administratively supported by C&A Foundation since 2011. Since 2006, approximately €25 million was spent supporting the SGP, with an annual budget of €2.5 to €2.8 million. Since its inception, the implementation of the SGP has lacked a formal strategy or defined objectives/guidelines for the donation of grants; however, informal guidance has been provided by the company’s management:

  • To support local projects that help to redress social imbalances in relation to families, women and children;
  • To promote corporate citizenship and positive local engagement between the company and its employees and the communities that it operates in

In January 2015, the Board of C&A Foundation requested an independent evaluation of the SGP to be carried out for the years 2011-2014 in order to assess the results of the SGP on (1) the company and employees, (2) beneficiary organizations and (3) families, women and children (the target communities served by beneficiary organizations). The evaluation report also addresses the sustainability of programme grants, influencing factors as well as overall successes, failures and key lessons learnt.

Read the full report and the annex.