Towards the Human City starts a promising collaboration with the American television channel Link TV

The project Towards the Human City founded by Paula Garcia Serna and co-directed by her husband Fernando Casado, CAD’s director, will be broadcasted by Link TV from Thursday 22 September.

The Towards the Human City project started two years ago and aims to identify, document and communicate initiatives that want to make cities more human and inclusive. Through the collaboration with Link TV, Towards the Human City is expected to reach a wider audience and inspire as many people as possible through the stories of citizens that aim at changing their cities. The idea is to show that everyone can start something in his own city and inspire others to make cities more livable and human. Currently, Towards the Human City is being supported by UCLG and engaging new partnership organizations to promote its contents.

Founded in 1999, Link TV is an independent viewer-supported media organization dedicated to providing programs that engage and educate its audiences with unique perspectives and activate them to become involved in the world. Reaching more than 34 million U.S. satellite households nationally via DirecTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410, Link TV connects American viewers with people at the heart of breaking events, organizations at the forefront of social change and the vibrant cultures of an increasingly global community.

On Thursday 22 September Link TV will start to weekly broadcast Towards the Human City initiatives. Each week Link TV will broadcast one initiative and publish a related article. The first initiative to be published on Thursday is called “Peatonito”. The initiative tells the story of a Mexican activist that defends pedestrian rights in Mexico DF streets.

CAD wishes the best for this partnership and expects this collaboration to be the beginning of a great and prosperous relationship between Towards the Human City and Link TV!