CAD Productions filming in Ghana for REDD+ project

Last January the World Bank awarded CAD Productions with a project aimed to document in eight African countries human impact stories of communities fighting against deforestation through REDD+ programs. The REDD+ initiative, financed by the World Bank, creates financial incentives for developing countries to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, conserve forest carbon stocks, sustainably manage forests and enhance forest carbon stocks.

CAD Productions  first mission took place in the Republic of Ghana between 28 March 2016 and 8 of April 2016. CAD Productions’ team was composed by Fernando Casado, Project Director, Fanny Fourestier, Project Manager, Alejandro Garcia, Field Director and Laura Otálora, Camera and Sound Recorder.

The team’s mission was to support and document initiatives which turn local contributions to global climate mitigation into reality. The final video will present successful stories of people fighting deforestation and forest degradation through REDD+ programs. It aims at raising wider awareness of the positive outcomes, the human dimension, and the economic, ecological, social and governance improvements resulting from the REDD+ program.

Other members of CAD Productions just came back from Mozambique, the second project assignment. The third mission will take place in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of May.