Saving Buddies initiative: promoting economic integration of refugees in Germany

People on low income without access to bank loans often struggle with higher costs as they are often not able to react foresightedly and recognise economic opportunities. i.e. buying a bike to save on public transport costs. For newcomers in Germany it is even more difficult due to their legal status and because often they have lost their personal network acting as economic and advisory support in case of need and financial constraints. Plus, they are confronted with an economic system entirely new to them.

Saving Buddies is an initiative promoting economic integration of refugees through self-funded communities based on the model of the Spanish organisation ACAF (Asociación de Comunidades Autofinanciadas). This approach makes it easier for newcomers in Germany and other financially disadvantaged people to manage their economic resources. It facilitates integration through empowerment, self-sufficiency and financial education and creates new social bonds, networks and exchange. SavingBuddies is an initiative of CAD and acts as the qualified focal point for the CAF model in Germany introducing and up scaling the CAF model in Germany. For further information: