GlobalCAD on a field mission in Algeria for SCP/RAC

GlobalCAD has been chosen by the Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center (SCP/RAC) to identify initiatives of sustainable consumption & production in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, for the demonstration component of the SwitchMed process.

After having visited Tunisia and Morocco last month, our team was last week in Algeria. With the support of the Algerian responsibles of SwitchMed, the Ministry of Environment and CNTPP, GlobalCAD visited nine projects located in Constantine, Oran, Algiers and Béjaïa.

Five of the nine projects were about waste management. Following its work with the SCP/RAC, Algeria identified waste management as a priority in order to enhance a sustainable consumption and production. Waste management implies reducing waste at its source, through household sensitisation for instance, and properly managing waste using selection, recycling and composting processes. The five identified projects focused on selecting the waste, managing the composting of organic waste or addressing the social aspects such as sensitisation since waste management begins at household level.

The other four projects were all related to proposing eco-responsible improvement of specific sectors like textile, construction or agriculture.

After having identified the projects, it is now time to select the projects that combine best a high component of innovation in terms of sustainability with economic solidity and a strong potential for replicability. The selected projects will receive support in order to contribute to make the Mediterranean greener.