GlobalCAD on a field mission for the DEMOWARE project

Last week two members of our team have been on a field trip to film the main players of the DEMOWARE (Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector) project. The video produced will present the structure and the main objectives of the project. It will help promoting the work and benefits of this ambitious project.

With regions having low rainfall and high population density, areas with intense agricultural, industrial or tourism activities, Europe’s water resources are under stress. The ability of Europe’s communities to respond to increasing this water stress by taking advantage of water reuse opportunities is restricted by low public confidence in solutions, inconsistent approaches to evaluating costs and benefits of reuse schemes, and poor coordination of the professionals and organisations who design, implement and manage them.

DEMOWARE is a cross-sector European partnership program that aims to promote water reuse all over Europe by executing a highly collaborative project of demonstration and exploitation. Is it expected that the DEMOWARE outcomes will increase Europe’s ability to profit from the resource security and economic benefits of water reuse schemes without compromising human health and environmental integrity.

GlobalCAD is proud to be one of the partners developing the project and we are delighted to be working in close collaboration with major industrial players in the European reuse sector and several of the leading European water reuse research institutions.