CAD evaluates UNFPA’s Global Innovation Fund

Through the Innovation Fund launched in September 2014, sponsored by the Government of Denmark, UNFPA promotes a culture of innovation throughout the organization, creating spaces where innovation can thrive and crowdsourcing ideas from staff around the world to launch innovative projects. UNFPA, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals that recognize innovation as a key driver to accelerate social and environmental development, has decided to support innovation to accelerate progress towards the most pressing issues in its mandate, such as working with youth and the promotion of a better sexual and reproductive health.

The Innovation Fund finished its first implementation phase and has decided to hire CAD services to carry out an evaluation of the impacts achieved. The goal is to assess the Fund’s processes, structures and implementation plan to determine whether the key targets are being met and if the Innovation Fund is successfully promoting an appropriate innovation culture as well as generating a positive impact by promoting sustainability.

This assessment will be essential to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the processes and structures of the Innovation Fund in order to determine the necessary adjustments to start the second phase of the project implementation.