A unique approach for Sustainable Energy in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island state in the Caribbean with a long history in exploiting fossil energy resources. With 40 tons CO2 per capita, per capita emissions are among the highest in the world. The country is currently developing a Sustainable Energy Program that will maximize the use of its natural resources, developing renewable and sustainable energy and improving its energy efficiency. The IDB is supporting this process and had hired the consortium of CAD, LKS and Projekt Consult to support all aspects of the development of the Sustainable Energy Program.

After two years of intense support to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, a book analyzing the opportunities and challenges of changing towards sustainable energy has now been published. The book analyzes the current energy mix and provides recommendations with regards to the policy framework and energy efficiency. Additionally, all major renewable energy technologies have been analyzed with regards to their potential uptake in Trinidad and Tobago.

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