CAD wins project to support The World Bank in the development of a user engagement and knowledge management strategy

The World Bank has assigned CAD, in consortium with Emerging 360, the website expansion and redesign of the Secure Nutrition Knowledge Platform (SNKP).

SNKP aims to expand its scope from a sole focus on nutrition/agriculture linkages to, the linkages between nutrition and: food, health, care practices, poverty, welfare, education, water, sanitation, hygiene, policy, and other areas. The ambition is to offer a space – both virtual and physical – to exchange experiences, to disseminate information, and ultimately to increase coordination, collaboration, and co-generation of knowledge.

As part of this project, CAD and Emerging 360 will support SNKP in the development of an effective user engagement and knowledge management strategy.  The goal is to vastly improve the effectiveness of SNKP’s community engagement, including more community ownership of website content and fostering authentic dialogue across all components of the Platform.