The 7PM DEMOWARE Initiative launches its second General Assembly meeting to present results

This week, DEMOWARE, the consortium that won the Seventh Program Framework to promote water innovation systems, held its Second General Assembly to present results achieved so far and agree with the next priorities of the implementation plan. DEMOWARE is a a three-year project aimed at enhancing the availability and reliability of innovative water reuse solutions in Europe (financed by the European Commission).

CAD is participating in the consortium as the leader of Work Package 4, aimed at defining business innovation models and perform technology benchmarks on innovative solutions for water reuse solutions.

In these two-day meeting, all 23 members of the consortium came together to discuss the progress on their project’s tasks and shared the research results they have obtained so far. As DEMOWARE consists on nine work packages that each leads to a specific work implementation area, every work package was given the opportunity to present their results to the consortium and specific work sessions were organized to create synergies among work packages and define a more coherent action plan. CAD presented its first deliverable for the consortium, the “strategic report benchmarking the most relevant countries and markets promoting technologies and detailing the key considerations and main tools available to promote water innovation technologies to reuse water applications.

Moreover, as part of the DEMOWARE Initiative, the “Water Reuse Europe was presented. Fernando Casado, as CAD Director, was proposed as a founding director of the main association’s board and participated in a preparatory meeting during the General Assembly.