CAD carries out first site visits as part of the DEMOWARE Initiative

CAD, in consortium with 23 organizations from different European countries, including water companies, technological centres and applied research institutions, is implementing the DEMOWARE Initiative, financed by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to enhance the availability and reliability of innovative water reuse solutions in Europe to respond to increasing water stress.

The initiative consists of eight work packages; CAD is leading Work Package 4 (WP 4) on “Business Models & Pricing Strategies”. As part of this work package, CAD is conducting a study on Innovative Business Models as well as a benchmark report evaluating technologies in the reuse of water.

Throughout the last few weeks, CAD has carried out site visits and met with plant managers as well as technical experts to obtain site specific information for the studies to be delivered. CAD visited the Steinhof Waste Water Treatment Plant close to Braunschweig (Germany), the Riu Sec Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sabadell (Spain) as well as Dow Chemical Ibérica S.L. in Tarragona, Spain.The visit to Braunschweig was conducted jointly with ACTeon and the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water. In Sabadell and Tarragona CAD talked to water experts on the technologies of “Ultra Filtration”, “Reverse Osmosis” as well as “Membrane Bioreactor” and was given a guided tour through the plant. Among others, the Tarragona site hosts the “Centro Global de Investigación y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones para la Desalación y Reutilización de Agua”, the world’s largest research centre in this thematic area.

Part of the results will be presented at the General Assembly Meeting on 10th December in Tarragona, a key event where all participants of the project will be present.