Akiyaya chosen for the XI Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona

Akiyayá, African stories of dreamers and entrepreneurs has been selected for the official section of the XI Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona. The festival will begin on October 22th with the movie “Mediastan” and will have Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks via videoconference. The closing and awards ceremony will take place on November 7th in the Rai-Art space.

The aim of this initiative is to spread thought-provoking films, to raise awareness, to denounce injustices and to reflect the social and cultural diversity of the human race in a collective search for sustainable humanity. Akiyayá will be screened on October 28th at 20h30 in Maldà theaters (Carrer del Pi 5), among a cast of more than 120 movies.

Akiyayá will also be presented on Sunday 19th October at 19h30 in the Golem cinemas in Bilbao within the “interculturality” section of the 6th of the Invisible Film Festival “Film Sozialak”. This event organized by KCD-NGO aims to give voice to all those issues that affect millions of people, but that are often marginalized in mainstream screens.

For more information you can visit:

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