CAD Productions presents the documentary Voices for Peace in Barcelona

CAD Productions presents the documentary Voices for Peace, a 90-minute film about the Culture of Peace, where the characters engage in a dialogue with a common goal: achieving peace in the world. Voices for Peace, which starts today its ambitious journey over the next year with its presentation in Barcelona, will be released on September 21, 2015.

According to the producer and director of CAD Productions, Fernando Casado, this documentary arrives at a key moment, with the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, and aims to be a tool to promote peace culture and peace policies and also influence the debate around the new development goals which will be taking place in the following year.

The documentary, awarded by the National Television Council of Chile, has attracted considerable interest at an international level, and was for the pitching forum in Medimed Docs Market. As explained by the director of the documentary, Susana Guardiola, besides the 90-minute version, CAD Productions will produce a 52-minute version to be broadcast in cinemas and on television –Spanish and Catalan public television have already shown their interest on the documentary– and a series 10 programs of 26 minutes each, which will be produced in Chile. The official soundtrack will also be released.

The Protagonists

According to Guardiola, it is an “ambitious” project that aims to bring together recognized peace activists, including Nobel laureates, scholars and entrepreneurs from around the world. Amongst them the director has mentioned Dalai Lama, Pope Francisco, Amma, Mary Robinson, Ellen Johnson, Michelle Bachelet, Rigoberta Menchú, Dilma Rousseff, Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel, Ban Ki-Moon, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Graça Machel, Prem Rawat, Al Gore, Kofi Annan, Jude Law, Jeremy Gilley, José Mujica, Muhammad Yunus, Aung Sang Su Ki or Eckart Tolle.

Through the story of Mai, a Chilean girl who aks the critical questions that affect today’s world, the protagonists try to respond and propose alternatives that serve as inspiration for building a culture of peace.

The Places & Topics

Among the places and issues that will shape the documentary there will be countries such as Spain, where the team will film the drama of eviction; Mexico and Ciudad Juarez femicides, African activism in Senegal; it will also reflect the importance of the women-led peace huts in Liberia; it will return to the past to explain South Africa’s apartheid, and will travel to Pakistan to meet with Malala; it will address the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and also the Sahara conflictand the fence in Melilla; the documentary will also intend to reflect the drama of Amazon deforestation and melting of Antarctica, among many other countries and issues.

The Team

Direction, Script and Production: Susana Guardiola

Production: Fernando Casado Cañeque / CAD Productions

Musical Direction: Helena Bayo

Musical Composition: Mika Luna

Photography Direction: Josep Maria Civit