Strengthening capacities for innovation through Agribusiness Incubation Training

This report analyzes the effects of the delivery of infoDev’s agribusiness incubation training program, as part of its Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP), which has been provided to a total of 149 people of 25 countries from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The analysis includes direct short-term effects on participants and the potential long-term effects on organizational performance and the agribusiness incubation ecosystem of participants’ countries of origin. The assessment follows a qualitative methodology combining desk review, primary data collection and data analysis. A total of 40 persons, representing 27% of all professionals who participated in the Agribusiness Incubation Training, provided input for the assessment.

The assessment is divided into three parts, with each subsection addressing a specific aspect: the degree of satisfaction with the training, the learning and application of knowledge and the long-term effects and impact prospects.

Based on the findings of the Outcome Assessment, the training has proven successful in conveying the fundamentals of agribusiness innovation as well as exposing trainees to the variety of business models that exist and can be explored. Participants emphasized the acquired knowledge on value chains and how this understanding transformed their activities inside the incubator. The last key objective to promote networking and next steps required to implement and improve the incubator’s scope and operation are also successfully fulfilled by the training.

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