Do mLabs Make a Difference?

This report conducted by the CAD team is an assessment of the overall effects of infoDev’s mobile application labs (mLabs). mLabs are specialized mobile business incubation and acceleration facilities offering physical workspace, mentoring and coaching, devices for mobile application testing, training, and startup competitions. mLabs were designed as pilot projects under the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy (CSBKE) program and have since become part of infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Program.

This Mobile Outcome Assessment focused its analysis and research in three main areas:

  1. mLabs’ effect on startup creation and development
  2. Development impact through the use of mobile applications
  3. Effects of mLabs on entrepreneurial ecosystems

It is also important to highlight that the analysis was able to identify unexpected and indirect contributions, including for client and beneficiary groups that are only indirectly connected with the mLabs, such as mobile application users or innovators learning from incubation graduates.

Read the full report.