Ensurecer Foundation launches “ Urban Landscapes Human Territories”, a socio-cultural exchange between youth in Barcelona and Berlin

Between the upcoming September 1st and October 6th, Ensurecer Foundation will organize a socio-cultural exchange among youth from Barcelona and Berlin called “ Urban Landscapes Human Territories”.

This project is an answer to the increasing concentration of population taking place in urban areas that has led to the emergence of socio-environmental conflicts. The purpose of this initative is to analyze different experiences of lively cities that can be incorporated into our daily lives. Planned activities include interactive workshops, visits to existing initiatives, discussions with local municipalities or the acquisition of methodologies for the revitalization of public spaces from a local perspective.

The project is aimed at young people between 18 and 25 wanting to transform public spaces from a collective perspective. Upon completion participants will be accredited with a diploma certifying their participation, which will be validated by the European Commission (Youthpass) and the two firms (CAD and HochDrei) organizing the workshop.

Price: 170 euros (includes transportation, accommodation and meals, as well as participation in all activities proposed).

More information: Brochure (in Spanish)

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Contact: If you would like to participate or know someone who may be interested send an email to lbarcena@globalcad.org