CAD participates in the closure of the IDB Sustainable Energy Program in Trinidad & Tobago

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has received a Policy-Based Loan from the Inter-American Development Bank. This supports the Sustainable Energy Program consisting of three different operations, each with specific institutional and policy goals. The IDB asked the consortium of CAD, Projekt-Consult and LKS in 2012 to support the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs with technical assistance in the development of policies and activities that will promote the deployment of Renewable Energy and the implementation of Energy Efficiency measures.

After two years of support, the closing workshop for the consultancy services took place in Port of Spain last week. Together with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs and the IDB, the results of the consultancy, including recommendation on policies for a Sustainable Energy, as well as the potential for uptake of different renewable energy technologies were presented and discussed with interested stakeholders.

In a symbolic act, Michelle Cross Fenty, the representative of IDB in Trinidad & Tobago, provided the CAD-LKS report to the Minister of Energy with all the recommendations provided in order to ensure a sustainable energy economy in the country.

While Trinidad and Tobago is still at the beginning with regards to the deployment of Renewable Energy, there is great potential especially for wind and solar PV. In a scenario of low energy prices a decisive move from the policy side to make a more sustainable energy future possible, will be necessary.