CAD, in collaboration with The Partnering Initiative, participates in the United Nations Global Compact conference in Brazil

On May 27th, Fernando Casado, CAD’s director, offered a workshop at the United Nations Global Compact office in Brazil, to promote strategic partnerships and strengthen the capacity of the office to work strategically with private companies and have a greater impact on the development goals.

The conference was organized at the Atento center in Sao Paulo and more than 130 participants attended, representing organizations as diverse as UNICEF or UNDP, public and social centers related to sustainable development issues, and various companies such as Nestlé, Unilever, Endesa and other small and medium sized innovative companies from different sectors.

Framed in a global capacity building initiative for the Global Compact offices, the project aims to incubate and accelerate strategic partnerships for development. The countries participating in this pilot project are Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and India. In each of those countries, it has been conducted a mapping to identify the most relevant companies to work with in order to have an impact on development goals.

The project articulated a series of incubation processes on strategic partnerships in the areas of health, energy, water and education, and the United Nations Global Compact team, with the help of CAD and TPI, will help develop partnerships to maximize the social impact on the country’s development. Globally, the goal is that these pilot initiatives, other United Nations Global Compact offices follow the example and use the strategic partnerships as a transformation axis for impact on development.