CAD productions presents Akiyayá at the African cinema festival and the Unseen film festival Social Films

In order to get its optimistic and far-from-cliché message across the widest possible audience, the documentary “Akiyayá, African stories of dreamers and entrepreneurs” will be presented at the 3rd African cinema festival organized by the Kassumay foundation at Sant Boi de Llobregat. The presentation will take place on May 30th and it will be followed by an open discussion and debate that will delve into the issues raised in the documentary.

Likewise, ‘Akiyayá’ has been selected to participate at the 6th edition of the Unseen film festival Social Films whose main objective is to give voice to the “millions of people affected by these subjects and usually left aside from conventional screens.” The event will be organized by KCD-NGO Kultura, Communication y Desarrollo which aims to “promote social and cultural communication as a tool for development.” The festival is structured around four major themes: sustainable development, human rights, multiculturalism and gender equity and will be held between September and October 2014 in Bilbao.

Akiyayá has also been invited to participate in Senegal, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Cuba and Washington DC soon.

Akiyayá Trailer

Akiyayá Dossier