CAD Productions presents Akiyayá, African stories of dreamers and entrepreneurs

After several years of work and much effort, CAD Productions finally presents Akiyayá, African stories of dreamers and entrepreneurs. With this documentary, we intend to generate an open dialogue between different social groups and public entities to rethink the integration policies and overall, to question the misleading perception through which we look at the concept of “the other”. Here particularly we try to reconsider how Western societies look at the African continent and immigrants coming to Europe. Akiyayá also tries to reflect the perception African citizens have of Europe and their expectations regarding access to opportunities.

With this in mind, the documentary tells the stories of young African entrepreneurs living between Europe and Africa, showing how they are changing the world as they follow their dreams.

Filmed between Barcelona and Senegal, this film offers a critical and lucid look at the myths, beliefs and preconceptions that feed prejudices and dreams on both sides. The film also shows examples of young people who have decided to challenge their destiny and aimed to achieve their dreams. An entrepreneur who started selling soaps on the street and ended up creating jobs for more than 350 young Senegalese; an artist who refused scholarships from Europe to work in his homeland and eventually ended up being a recognized international artist; a fashion designer who uses his work to create synergies between different artistic disciplines and promote the union of Africa; a writer; a blogger; a cultural manager; …

To premiere Akiyayá, we will be helding an open event on the 8th April at Blanquerna School of Communication and International Affairs (Carrer de Valldonzella, 12, 08001 Barcelona) between 6 and 8 pm. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with some of the characters from the film.

You can watch the trailer clicking here

Download Barcelona’s presentation schedule (in Spanish)

Download the Akiyaya’s dossier (in Spanish)