CAD leads the management of the world's largest online portal dedicated to strengthening SMEs

Since January 2014, CAD, in consortium with Haiku Media, has been chosen to manage SME Toolkit of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the world’s largest online portal dedicated to strengthening SMEs.

As one integral part of the IFC’s SME development program, SME Toolkit is a global web-based product that leverages the latest information and communication technologies to provide SMEs in emerging markets with access to online business management information, interactive tools, and training to help them stabilize, formalize, and grow their businesses. To date, the program has launched 43 sites in 18 languages and serves more than 5.5 million visitors around the world each year.

Supporting SMEs in emerging and developing countries is one of the strategies to reduce poverty that is being supported by many development organizations. It is for sure an approach in which CAD not only believes but also has vast experience that it will bring to SME Toolkit.

CAD’s services include: day-to-day support to more than 27 different partners in managing the Toolkit sites; partner implementation support, including business plan development and training of partner teams on portal management and delivering workshops; monitoring and evaluation of partner activities; online marketing and content management; and conference planning.

With these efforts, CAD supports SME Toolkit platforms to reach “the next level”, aiming to reach as many SMEs as possible in emerging and developing economies. The final mission of this project is to improve people’s lives by strengthening the private sector through supporting small or medium enterprises in diverse sectors and regions.

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