Fostering strategic partnerships to promote the leadership of women and youth in Panama

On 22 January, CAD implemented a strategic partnerships workshop with UNFPA Panama, inviting private companies working in CSR programs focused on maternal health and creation of opportunities for young people. The participants were representatives from the Bern Group, Dell, Morgan & Morgan, MEDCOM, Philips, P&G, Telefonica and SumaRSE (CSR and good practices association).

The UN Population Fund works to assure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and the youth reach their potential. Based on this mission, the main objective of the meeting with the private sector was to identify opportunities to work together to provide greater opportunities to underserved communities, emphasizing indigenous women and adolescents.

UNFPA selected CAD as the consultancy in charge of developing a strategy of partnerships and mobilizing resources from different sources for 2013-2017. CAD has a great experience of promoting sustainable development and intersectoral partnerships offering technical assistance and strategic advice.

CAD conducted a detailed documentary analysis of the Panamanian business sector, which included personal interviews and data collection and evaluation in order to identify possible alignments.

Among the results of this workshop, we should underline a number of initiatives and projects between the companies and UNFPA Panama that have the potential to become innovative partnerships to achieve an impact to create opportunities for a better quality of life for women and youth in vulnerable situations and in poverty or extreme poverty.

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