Inclusive Green Growth in Africa: Starting a new research project with the AfDB

CAD gets awarded a project with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to analyze the Green and Inclusive Growth potential of the African continent and promote alternative development models based on more human and sustainable societies.

Green Growth has been gaining lot of momentum all over the world in the last years and this is also true for Africa. While it is still controversial in its various definitions (especially when it comes to the African context), its different elements are highly relevant for Africa. A number of international institutions have developed concepts and studies analyzing the relevance of Green Growth for Africa, and an increasing number of governments –such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Rwanda or Mozambique– have developed Green Growth strategies, mainstreaming Green Economy into sector policies and national development plans.

However, there is an important concern about whether Green Growth is benefitting the most unprivileged ones, and it seems fundamental to broaden and deepen that process of transformation by ensuring that growth is shared for all African citizens and countries, not just for some. In this context, one important aspect is the implication of skills development to make Green Growth work, as well as the analysis of its potential for job creation and poverty reduction. No in-depth analysis for Africa has taken place in this regard.

In this context, CAD has been asked by the AfDB to support them in the development of a working paper that analyzes the relationship between Green Growth and Human Capital Development.