Training CAF in Strategic Alliances Management and Access to New Funds for Development

On 3rd and 4th of December, CAD and LKS offered a training to the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) in Caracas, Venezuela, on managing strategic alliances and access to sources of funding, to promote initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change and also to promote green business in Latin America. The training was attended by representatives of CAF Environment and Climate Change Department (DMACC), Financial and Institutional Resources Department (DRFI) and Administration of Special Funds Department (DAFE).

This training is part of the “Financing, Strategic Alliances and Co-financing Strategy for the CAF Environment and Climate Change Direction programs”, that CAD and LKS are leading with the following three objectives:

1) Identify sources of funding for the CAF Environment and Climate Change Direction, aiming to increase the available resources for the programs of its three areas.

2) Create a framework of strategic alliances for the organization which allows a more aligned work between DMACC, DRFI and DAFE, as well as between CAF and other institutions (both public and private), in order to maximize its impact.

3) Define an action plan and roadmap which frame the partnership strategy and conduct a fundraising training for the CAF team.

Through this project, CAD and LKS analyzed a total of 66 financing funds about adaptation and mitigation of climate change strategies, as well as promoting and accelerating green business in Latin America funds. Out of this 66 funds, we selected the 20 most strategic in order to create partnership frameworks with CAF to maximize the impact of its programs and fundraising capacity. CAD and LKS will continue to support the organization throughout the process of improving its management of alliances and its strategy for accessing sustainability finance funds.