CAD supports infoDev to improve its impact on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

CAD, in partnership with Haiku Media, participates in the infoDev’s Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy (CSBKE) program, helping to increase the growth of small, innovative and technology businesses – primarily in the ICT and agribusiness sectors. Through the support of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, this program aims to increase incomes, create and support jobs, improve gender inclusion and launch new products and services that will improve the quality of life of citizens.

As part of this project, CAD will work identifying, synthesizing and documenting the CSBKE program outcomes, and will also try to provide core lessons learnt, which will support improve infoDev’s future projects. In order to do so, CAD teams will evaluate and document innovation and entrepreneurship practices in more than 12 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia, and will provide 12 documentaries, 40 case studies of successful entrepreneurship initiatives, training modules to replicate and promote innovation LABs and several info graphics highlighting success.

CSBKE Program includes 28 projects in 19 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe, as well as several regional and global activities. These activities include:

1. The establishment of mLabs and mHubs which aim to assist developers and entrepreneurs with developing marketable mobile applications and to create viable mobile services companies.

2. The establishment of sustainable business incubators which aim to accelerate the growth of early-stage enterprises

3. Various approaches designed to connect early-stage entrepreneurs to financiers and to enable early-stage entrepreneurs’ access to international resources and markets.

4. A new approach to enabling the growth of competitive agribusiness enterprises.

infoDev is a program of the World Bank Group which works at the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for inclusive growth, job creation and poverty reduction. infoDev assists governments and technology-focused small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow jobs, improve capacity and skills, increase access to finance and markets, ensure the appropriate enabling policy and regulatory environment for business to flourish, and test innovative solutions in developing country markets.