Akiyayá - African stories of dreamers and entrepreneurs

Akiyayá narrates the stories of young African entrepreneurs living between Europe and Africa and showing how they are changing the world through their engagement with achieving their dreams. The documentary, filmed in Barcelona and Senegal, analyzes the concept of access to opportunities for young Africans who have decided to stay in Senegal and others who have decided to make the journey to Europe. It offers a critical and lucid vision about the myths, beliefs that feed in prejudice but also dreams on both sides. The film also teaches examples of young people who have decided to take their destiny in their hands to achieve their dreams …

Technical Data:

Director: Fernando Casado Cañeque

Productor: Philippe Jochaud

Art Direction: Maripaz Montecinos

Music Direction: Alfonso Sitja

Edition: Andrés Bujardón

Post-production: Antonio Rodrigo Paulete

After Effects: David Emeyhache