Development of a Partnership Strategy for the Climate Finance Options Platform

CAD, in consortium with LKS Ingenieria, provides strategic advisory services to the Climate Finance Options online platform. The UNDP/ Worldbank Climate Finance Options (CFO) Platform provides an overview on potential sources for Climate Finance in developing countries, as well as tools for better investment decision making, best practice examples and up to date information on country projects and programs in line with national priorities. The website supports policy makers and project planners in developing countries through access to information on the increasing level of financial instruments and resources and catalyzes sources for integrated investments in climate- resilient and low carbon solutions.

UNDP / World Bank have contracted the consortium LKS / CAD to provide strategic advisory services to further improve the ‘Climate Finance Options’ online platform (CFO) to turn it into the global climate finance reference. The key objectives of this assignment were the analysis and improvement of the CFO user engagement, the improvement of knowledge generation and knowledge sharing/transfer of the platform content, and the development of a partnership engagement strategy – at donor-/investor-level, but also with respect to content provision.