CAD and CINI publish a report analyzing access to opportunities of the BOP in Latin America

CAD, in conjunction with the Center for Inclusive Business Innovation (CINI in Spanish) has published the report “Understanding the BOP from an access to opportunities perspective.” The report includes an analysis of the BOP in terms of their access to a set of five basic needs: water, energy, education, housing and information technology and communication, conducted in five Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Written by Fernando Casado, Pablo Sanchez and Jordi Vives, the report shows that similar income levels between countries do not necessarily translate into the same degree of access to basic needs. This fact confirms that the dominant view of the BOP in monetary terms should be complemented with a focus on basic needs, allowing a more complete framework for action for the formulation of public policies and business strategies aimed at reducing poverty.

The data confirms that similar income distribution patterns do not necessarily lead to the same lack of access to basic needs. In fact, the degree of access varies substantially between countries. Therefore, it is essential to avoid generalizations and scrutinize access to basic needs from country to country.

The report proposes a new perspective approach for the BOP, including the prospect of access to basic needs, emphasizing that only considering the reduction of poverty as a multidimensional challenge, we can actually move towards a more just, sustainable and inclusive society.

Report “Understanding the BOP from an access to opportunities perspective”