The CSR of German Companies in Latin America

CAD presented the report on CSR of German Companies in Latin America which has been developed for the German Global Compact Network in Berlin

The report analyzes how German Global Compact Companies integrate the CSR practices following Global Compact principles into their business activities in Latin America. It provides strategic recommendations on how companies can maximize their impact on the triple bottom line in relation to the development goals of the region.
The study revealed that in most cases CSR is managed centrally with a strong focus on local and regional implementation. While in most of the companies the implementation of the Global Compact Principles is streamlined internationally through codes of conducts and management systems, country subsidiaries are responsible for the implementation of social projects. CSR experts from Latin America perceive German companies as strongest related to the internal perspective of CSR, namely environmental management, technology transfer and the implementation of ethical codes of conduct. They are also perceived as having a positive performance in implementing labour codes, defending and promoting human rights and creating mechanisms to prevent corruption. German companies are perceived weakly in the areas of social and philanthropic action and as having a poor impact on development goals in the regions. The latter has been confirmed by the results of other studies, such as BIELA and the opinions of company representatives interviewed during the course of the study.

For the full study, please see: Globalcompact